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These are my "outdoor children".  They don't mind staying outside and they never complain about it being too dark at night.  They are always ready to give a helpful hand and hold a watering can or two.


I was finally able to put in a couple of new gardens at the front of our home.  I've only been waiting for a few years now and it was worth the wait.  Things are pretty small now, but it won't always be that way, growth happens so quickly be it plants or children.   It's a perennial paradise and my ds is hopeful that more butterflies will find comfort in our yard.   

Things are steadily growing in the backyard too.  Most days when you enter my backyard, it looks like a toy store exploded there.  But I did reserve this one little section for the grownups where you can admire the clematis vines along with other perennial favorites.




Take time to smell the roses and have a lovely weekend.  I'll be back with more photos soon. 


  1. Your yard is looking beautiful! I'm so envious of your clematis vines! I tried growing those once with little success. Maybe I'll try again one day :)

  2. Wow!! Nice yard! My "garden" has more weeds in it than anything. Man, I am really not likeing that darn creeping charlie or the clovers that have taken over my flower beds. My tomatoes on the other had are growing nicely. We still have yet to hear from our landscaper. I'm getting a little impatient, since summer is finally here and it's way to late to plant anything in the garden I was hoping to have after the yard was done and have a head start on the compost bin that is sitting empty by my shed. Oh well, I guess that means the soil will be better for next year right?

  3. Hi Tamara,
    My sister in law tagged me and I don't know 7 bloggers but you are one of the lucky three... something fun to do when you are up too late. check out my blog for the rules and choose to play if you desire.


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