Has it really been that long since I last posted?  Things do get away from me in the heat of the summer.  We are in the midst of an incredible heat spell where every day seems to hit 35+ celcius (95 fahrenheit) of course our humidity is making that temperature just soar so that it "feels" like 48+ celcius (118 fahrenheit).  We are making the best of it and spending our mornings and afternoons in the pool. 

When we have had enough of the heat we come indoors to cool and re-fuel.  Gosh, I love summer.  Even in the midst of this crazy hot weather I love it.  Usually we make countless treks to the beach but with my hubby's work hours changing I haven't ventured there alone yet.  The thought of four children & myself on a crowded beach is just too much for me to manage.   Perhaps when the girls get a wee bit older.  Until then we will have to settle with the backyard crazy fun morning, noon & night.
And what about this sometimes craft-blog of mine?  Well, crafting isn't happening too much right now.  I really need to make the most of these warm days because I am all too aware of what is around the corner in a few months time.  Yes, very soon we will all be banished indoors as Jack Frost covers us in a blanket of white snow.  Hard to believe that day will come.  But just for you, here is a glimpse of it...

Are you shuddering with me?  As you can see, you will have to be patient with my blogging updates whilst I spend every minute I can making sure my wee ones are having a great summer outdoors.  I'm sure you understand.

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