2014 - hello world, I'm back... I think.

I can't promise in what capacity but I am here today and that is an excellent start. So where have I been for almost the past year? Well, I've been here at home, just not online in this space.

sunshine means really cold in winter.

Nothing tragic or dramatic happened, just life getting in the way and me being a practical girl, something had to give.

Top finished: stained glass zigzag quilt #amyschimler prints

side view #knitting #cables #debbiebliss

Last year around the same time as my last post, the family computer died and since necessity is the mother of invention I gave my Mac *sniffle, over to the kidlets for their needs. This was a scary adventure in sharing, but ever so needed. After all, minecraft can't be put off!!

Boys headboard in progress. Other side is identical, but in reverse.

I also gave them my creative space as I wasn't getting much done in that arena due to ongoing house projects & exhaustion from a low iron health problem that my doctor and I were having a difficult time getting on top of. I'm pretty sure working two part time jobs while continuing to homeschool my crew, didn't help said iron troubles.

Pinned and ready for quilting #straightlines #hexagonquilt #babyquilt

So how are things today? For me personally I have been slowly building my iron levels back up and am starting to see a resemblance of my old-self and I'm feeling those crafty urges again.

B&W selfie

On the job front, I have resigned from my part time jobs and am now currently unemployed as of mid-December 2013. I admit I feel the odd pang of worry about not working but with homeschooling the crew I think it might be for the best for our family, for now.

The built in boys beds #diy #gettingitdone

As for computer sharing, after months of research and deliberations we finally decided to purchase a (couple of) gaming pc's for the kids. It was hard to go back to the pc world, as we are mainly apple-friendly, however we just felt that Mac products were a waste for what our kids' computer use (school & minecraft). So, under the Christmas tree last month sat a couple of extra special "shared" gifts that the kidlets were so patiently waiting for. Of course I now have my Mac back, which appears to be working fine.

Harvesting dinner: baby romaine, green beans, carrots & kale.

Fyi, the photos in this post are from my instagram account. One photo for each month. If you want to see more, hop over to my instagram account - duckyhouse- to catch up on my life and of course you can always check out my flickr account.

progress: lighting, drywall, and 2nd layer of taping done. Nothing like waiting for plaster to dry during the damp season. Estimated finishing time is Tuesday. #renovations

The everything room: the messy part is finished, time to decorate :) #familyroom #happy #anotherprojectcompleted #diywife&hubby

I suspect this blog will either undergo some physical changes in the near future or perhaps it will discombobulate and become something different all together. I haven't worked out those details yet and I'm sure there will be a learning curve along the way. For now lets leave this long post with a Happy New Year 2014 and next post will have details about the photo below

The hubby's brainchild: go watch the trailer: wfp.to/windcity #windcitytv #cutandpaste

Earlier today: making ornaments with my girlies #christmas #crafty #vintage


  1. Welcome back!
    I have issues with very low iron spring 2013. It was hard to get back up and feeling myself again but it did happen, I send you healing thoughts!

  2. Thanks for the welcome back and the healing thoughts! It is always good to know you are not alone - not that I celebrate others being low in iron, rather one must always keep in mind they truly are never alone. :)


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