Knit 4, purl 2...repeat

Last year I started a vest knitting project that is taking me forever to complete. It didn't help that I completed it and then frogged it because it was too large. Ugh!

Latest fix: #hacho #mirasol #yarn #knitting

The pattern is called Lazarao and it is from the Mirasol Collection book 1. The yarn I'm knitting with is called Hacho in the colourway Jade Sapphire. I think the yarn may have been discontinued but I love knitting with it. It handles nicely, the colours are fabulous and it has so much texture!

On the couch: working on a knitting project started ages ago while watching what appears to be a cheesy 80's netflix movie #cozyindoors #notgoingoutside

I'm almost finished the darn thing but am having a bit of a time trying to re-work the edging on the sleeveless arms. It seems most of the comments on this pattern have been that people are too crazy about how the sleeves ruffle. Hmm, not really a ruffles girl so I've been trying to reduce the number of stitches to resolve this issue. Hopefully that will be a good fix and I will have a knitty project to show you soon.

In any case, have a lovely Monday, xo.


  1. its really lovely! i'm just learning to knit and working on my first every actual project... the most basic of basic baby blankets :-) Its by Purl Bee so yeah... just wish I had lovely yarn like that to use! Went to my stash and grabbed 5 balls of craft-store yarn. Meh. But if It turned out, I may have to buy some good yarn! Yay! ;-)

  2. Hi Cristin, I have all types of yarn in my stash, they all have their place that's for sure. Just depends on the project. The "meh" yarns are the best for learning :) Btw, I hopped over to your blog and read through the fabulous news that you had twins!! Yay, welcome to the twin club. My identical girls just turned 9 this past fall and boy do I miss the age your girls are at. Your girls are beautiful! How is your son adjusting?


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