weekend wip

I sewed something and it didn't have anything to do with pant hemming, jacket mending, buttons sewing, and mending, oops did I mention that already? there seems to be a lot of that going on this house.


We started a mudroom project last year that has been a lifesaver for all the jackets and shoe paraphernalia lying about. It isn't a big space but it does provide me that organization that I dream about - have you seen my pinterest account on mudrooms?


The sewing portion of "project mudroom" is one of those little tasks that signifies completion of another area in our home. Yay! I need moments like these when I can cross another thing off my list. Some days those feel far and few between.


I was thinking of writing up a tutorial for this little project but discovered a couple of well done tutorials already in existence so no point in re-inventing the wheel on this one. This is only a sneak peek so I'm leaving you hanging for the finished photo. I'm sure you will kill yourself with excitement waiting for the big reveal. Note: small font indicates that the big reveal is in fact no big deal but I'm dragging out the drama. Try to contain yourselves until I get back here okay?


  1. So what did you make??? How are you? Must catch up!

  2. As Karen said above, what did you make? The tutorial? Please share!


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