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January is a hard month in these parts with the brutal cold arriving. I find myself spending increasing times indoors staying warm, drinking hot tea, reading books & earlier bed times. Why fight it right? I've also dubbed January "organization month". I'm inside for endless hours so it is a good time to catch up on unfinished things, declutter & tackle those monotonous projects that need to be done but always seem to be forgotten. 

One project that pops into my head throughout the year is changing the smoke detector batteries. It's one of those panic thoughts where I often find myself thinking "when did I last change my batteries" and then when I finally check, I can never actually remember the date change. Well I wisened up this time, pulled out the masking tape and voila: battery dates are labelled. Next time my brain goes into smoke detector battery panic mode, I will simply flip them open and note the last change date.

change your batteries

As for frequency, I've read two opinions that batteries should be replaced every 6 months or once a year. Please read though your manufacturers recommended date to determine your time frame for battery replacement. Oh and don't forget to test your batteries once a month to make sure the detectors are functioning properly (replace if necessary). Happy home and health to you. xox


  1. our detectors start to make the worst beeps when the batteries run low. so then we are more then sure they need to be changed

  2. ours have an annoying chirp as well when our batteries get low. I still do a yearly battery change plus monthly cheque. I have had one defective unit over the years that I caught at battery change time.


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