** happy new year 2012 **

I trust my new year greeting finds you well? Maybe even a pound of two heavier, it's all good right? We had a wonderful Christmas with family guests in our home during the holidays. The hubby's parents came to stay with us and our boys graciously gave up their space for the grandparents. It was no trouble I was assured by both boys intent on seeing Nana & Papa. I love my flexible family (did I mention that the girls are sleeping our room again as we are working on a project in theirs...more on that later).


While I dearly love Christmas time, decorating & all that, I also equally love packing it up. There is something wonderful about heading into the new year with things decluttered & re-ordered. The slate feels clean & my heart is ever so optimistic. Do you feel the same? I'm not sure what you do in your home but in ours I like to enter the new year with family theme or phrase. It's nothing life shattering, just trying to get a little family unity going in the same direction if you know what I mean. The past couple of years our theme was something like "work hard", with the following year being "work harder".  Boy I'm glad those years are behind us because this year is totally different: "be positive" is the theme for us and boy am I ready for it. I think most of us could use more positive feelings & thoughts in our lives on a daily basis don't you agree? Whether you found your theme or are still trying to figure it out, why not join me in this space for some inspiration, reading & plain ol' catching up.

ps: don't forget the warm drink, see you soon, xoo. 

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