girlie knits

Cute little knitty things for baby M.

Bootie love

Pink booties, is there anything that screams "girl" more then pink booties? The pattern comes from an old Patons book called Early Arrivals bk #702 - kind of ironic because baby M was not an early arrival.

all dressed up

My girlfriend recently had her first baby girl, it was joy for her I tell ya. Not because boys aren't special enough for her; she has 4 - yes, you read that right, 4 sons already and she has made sure her sons lives are filled with all kinds of specialness. But for this family having a baby girl/little sister is da bomb - and for me it gave me oodles of opportunity to do the girly knitting I could never manage to get done when I was expecting my twin girlies.


The sweater is a free download: the Abigail Sweater on ravelry.

vest & i-cord


The pants are my go-to baby knit pattern: Picky Pants, also available on ravelry for $10.00. I knit these a few years back for baby M's brother P, you can see them here.



The booties are from another old Patons Astra booklet that I had in my collection Patons Astra baby bk # 669.  I'll have more specific details on all the pieces once I get things uploaded to my ravelry account.

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  1. Oh sweetness - I love these so much! TJ MUST upload some pictures for us to see Baby M modeling these!
    Great to catch up with you on Saturday @ MWS! BTW I found the answer to my question about Fringe, we are in the last episode of season 2.


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