wip: block number 4

wonky star

March's block for the free piecing quilt along was a wonky star. I was looking forward to this block as I have always wanted to give the wonky star a go (it looks so cool and rad in a quilt). I assembled my fabrics, sewed, pressed sewed and then bam... my block fell short. I am not totally sure how I feel about this block right now, disappointment is a good adjective, as it is not looking as wonky as I'd like. Instead it looks a bit like upside down ice cream cones that merged with a clown costume.

wonky star

Since I don't know quite what to do with it I am going to leave it for now in hopes that it will grow on me. If it continues to bother me then I will have to do something about it. Maybe if I interchange the middle square for fabric with more contrast, or redo the fatter star points making them skinnier, or just make it less equally wonky, or ... *sigh* I guess this too is part of the process.

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