the melt


During our break last week, we took a walk around a local park to view the spring melt in action. I always think of spring as my least favourite season because of the messiness. In my brain it should be a cleaner process: winter ends one day, snow melts for a day or two, and we all begin our life outdoors - very tidy and systematic.  Ha! not that way in these parts, it usually takes a month or two for the snow to disappear and during that time the streets are so dirty from all the gravel & sanding that our city does to the winter roads so our cars don't crash into each other. 

spring break

messy spring

But all this got me thinking that the man side of spring and nature side of spring are two different things. On the one hand we have the mess that man creates by necessity and on the other hand nature does spring so beautifully. The snow melts, the water pools and waits to find a place in the ground, our feathered friends return to their summer nesting ground, trees come alive with buds and blooms, days grow longer and the sun grows warmer, while more critters and creatures wake up to show their faces.


signs of spring

I can't think of anything in those descriptions that I don't like. In fact I love it all!  Yay, Spring!


  1. oohh it looks so cold...

  2. it does look cold, I agree. brr...
    but actually for us to see water means it's warming up pretty good. It was + 3 celsius that day, still a far cry from summer temperatures but we are on our way. yay!


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