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picture from Patons website

I wanted to love these socks, really I did, the spiral variegated yarn looks uber cool and I've knit with it before. Alas I found myself feeling :meh: while knitting. In retrospect I think what was bugging me was the pattern and it's absence of a heel. At first read, I thought "no heel, sweet, these (socks) will knit up super fast", but as I was knitting it dawned on me that the combination of stretch yarn plus no defining heel would mean the socks might end up slipping off your foot and that would be annoying, certainly not gift worthy.


I was going to scrap the socks but I couldn't do it. Instead I modified the pattern to allow for a heel and now I am in a much better head space. My like has returned and I have just turned the heel corner and am heading for the home stretch. If all goes well, I'll be casting on another in the near future.  Wish me luck!


If you are interested in knitting up a pair you can find the pattern here on the Patons website or on Ravelry, you will need an account for both sites to access the pattern.



  1. I think My sister has made those socks I seem to remember that caramel photo on her blog... I should ask about the heel issue.

  2. I was on ravelry and most people just knit them as is. Let me know what your sister did.


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