winter scenes

One of my girlies was down with fever yesterday.  I’m not sure what is going on in this house but over the past few weeks each one of my kidlets take their turn being feverish and wiped out.  It lasts about 24 hours, then they wake up fine the next day.  Miss J is the last one to succumb to the symptoms and I’m hoping it is just a kid thing if you know what I mean.

winter scenes

I was planning to work on the cabinets until Miss A realized she was a playmate short for the day.  She compelled me with those big brown eyes to color and keep her company.  It’s so rare to just spend time one on one when you have twins that you take it when you can get it.  After the coloring our attention turned to paper cutting, practicing the scissors is a good skill when you are 5.  While Miss A cut away I availed myself of the exacto knife.  I couldn’t resist making a little winter scene.  I had to make do with construction paper, my box of acid free paper is currently in storage.  Miss A let me happily create but she did dictate that a certain white rabbit should be in the picture.  This little exercise really got the wheels turning about a diorama...of course I should wait until the office is set up before I distract myself with more creative projects....patience is a virture, right?


  1. so cute. :)
    i hope everyone feels better... we've been wiped out for a good 3 weeks or so... ugh. last night i had kids with stuff coming out of both ends (this after *i* stayed in bed all day feeling shitty) and today i get to try to eradicate the vomit smell from my house. it's really fun. [/snark]
    once everyone is healed, though, we really should start planning our trip up to you guys? i miss your family so much it's pathetic. i was also wondering if you had any time to skype or something, i have some stuff i really need someone to talk to about. namely, you. ;)

  2. HOpe everyone is feeling better soon! t'is the season so it seems - as I shove Cod Liver oil down the throats fo my 'littles' - just kidding, they beg for it - EWWWW!


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