the perks

of living with a lake in your backyard during the months of January and February.

the perks

I was more than a bit nervous when the hubby decided he was going to make a rink on the pond this year.  My fears held him at bay last year but not this time.  As soon as it was cold enough, he was outdoors with the shovel and hose making a glossy rink to keep the B-meister in skating happiness.

national past time

Of course this madness drove us to the local sports store gathering gear for the occasion.  Some of us haven't managed to put on skates in 16 + years, ahem.  I blame it on the last decade of baby growing.  Umm, yeah that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

after 16 years

At the heart of it I'm really all about summer and mostly think winter is better spent indoors.  This ideal worked until the kids got bigger and longed for some outdoor living even in the coldest of months.  And so out we go.  In our snow pants.  Skates.  For a twirl around the pond.  Surprisingly, I find I quite like it!

non skaters

And though we still have yet to find a suitable pair for the youngests of our crew.  They make their fun their own way. 


  1. oh, you cannot imagine how envious I am! I L-O-V-E skating, but only on natural ice, like your pond, I cannot imagine anything better than skating on new smooth green ice... my boys love it too, and we went to a small indoor ice rink last weekend and it was soooo awful. lucky-lucky-lucky you, this year the weather was not cold enough for long enough here for the ponds nearby to freeze.
    enjoy your days!

  2. we bought skates for our littlests last year at your favorite thrift store. they had loads! Glad you are braving the pond!

  3. you can get those skates that adapt to 3 or 4 sizes...great for growing kids...

  4. looks like fun! what a treat to have that available to you.

  5. Hi Kristina,
    It is nice to have the pond in the back even if the green ice makes me nervous. It is so convenient! We just had a huge dumping of snow last week that we haven't shoveled out of yet so currently we aren't on the ice. I hope we can get to it soon.


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