This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  I show glimpses of my life/family but I don’t think I’ve ever done a feature on my hubby.... what to call him, what to call him?? He has been affectionately referred to as “the hubby”, but at home I call him Paul and the kids call him daddy.  Maybe from now on we should just refer to him as mr. duckyhouse?!


I wanted to share a few of his accomplishments because I am truly proud of him and I think this overachiever needs some recognition and wife appreciation.

First there was the book, available for purchase here


Then the fundraisers:

next the CD, available for purchase here


And now the Video below, the whole family had fun with the video!

Mr.duckyhouse packs a lot of living in a short amount of time. You can find more about him at www.paulvieira.info


  1. I loved the video with all the children involved...the American dream..Good job

  2. The video looks like it was fun to make! It makes you look like you have a perfect life:) The girls are so adorable!!!

  3. Hi Diane,
    Oh yes, that video is so much fun!  That is certainly
    my husbands brainchild and he did the brunt of it while I was at work.

  4. I think they had a real blast making this film.  They do most of it while Im at work because if I was home Id probably have Paul working on a reno project.  while the cats away...

  5. Awesome. So much fun to watch. You have a gorgeous family. I love the tiara, and the dog with the glasses and the shot of all the heads peeking around the door frame. Sounds to me like the mice are doing just great!

  6. beautiful family you have!!! the video is awesome! congrats for the book!

  7. thanks again rosamaria.  I really love the video too!

  8. Oh thanks so much Simone, I think they really did have so much fun! My favorite is all the heads peeking around the corner too!


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