what is it they say?

...absence makes the heart grow fonder...  My poor blog and dear readers, I'm sorry I've been unexpectedly away.  Last week I had planned to fit in some major sewing time until I realized that it was spring break for school kids.  Now being a homeschooling mumma, we don't necessarily subscribe to the same spring break but this time around my boys wanted to spend some quality time with their cousin and so began our week of trips to & fro, sleepovers, as well as endless trips to view homes currently for sale, *yawn* -that was the boring part, please tell me there is a home out there with our name on it?  I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention our trip early on in the week to the children's emergency as Miss A fell and hit her head on the coffee table (again).  This time it was a pretty deep cut but after multiple hours waiting in the emergency, some cleaning, glue and a popsicle she was as good as new.  Hmm, I wonder if I could have accomplished the same thing at home with some crazy glue?? 


Just kidding folks ;)    Miss A is doing really good and that crazy little monkey has already forgotten her big bump as she continues to climb the furniture and engage in tons of rough play.  I've moved the coffee table too, for those concerned. 


On an end note, it was nice to find that I actually might have a few readers out there.  I was mentioned by SewandSox - a sewing-redsox-craft-blogger, now that is an interesting combination!

Be back next week.  Have a great weekend!

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