I cut up a Tommy Hilfiger bedskirt that I found while thrifting.  It felt like a no-no cutting up ol' Tommy's goods but really I'm neither a follower or a fan so what the heck.  I live on the wild side.


I unknowingly split the tag, it makes for a great effect.


The fabric will be repurposed into a twirl skirt or two for Miss A
and Miss J.  They are both rejecting the idea of wearing pants right
now so with all else that is  currently going on, I'm sewing skirts and dresses for them.  Don't let my whine fool you, I love it!

Guess what I woke up to today?  Snow!!  Yikes, another sacrilege.  I was really hoping I was still in a dream when I came down stairs to find a blanket of white stuff all over my lawn.  Snow, snow, go away, come back another year....   Until sometime next week, have a good one. 


  1. Sheesh, you had snow and we had 95 degrees!

  2. it was cold enough to snow last week... argh!
    have you lost your mind yet with all the packing? whenare you guys actually in the new place?


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