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Hi blog, what's new with you? We've been spending our (few) free hours, during the week and on weekends, house shopping.  Tonight we put and offer in on a home that I am almost certain will return back with a counter offer.  We like the house, but not the price.  Ain't that the way.

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This all consuming place that we are in is really starting to reflect in my blogging hiatus.  It may just have to be so until things are a bit more settled.  I know, I know, 'wait until we start the packing'.

primary goodness

Amidst the craziness I stole some time away for a therapeutic sewing session on Friday evening.  There are a few more babies being born and in need of something cuddly :)  It was delightful to handle and view such vibrant, colorful fabrics; and for a wee couple of hours I felt a bit giddy that something concrete was completed in my day.  When life is up in the air it is nice to find your stability in the simplest of things.

primary goodness

Until we chat again, xoxo.


  1. ooo... i can't wait to see if you get the house. are you ready for another move? i miss you people!

  2. did you make it to the Y? Ephraim is not allowed to get his foot wet till after the 22nd. surgery went good. missed you this week, nice to be able to catch up via blogging.
    talk to you soon.
    want to do the museum next week? oh and soccer IS happening this year!


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