I did manage to go through my photos over the weekend as planned, but I didn't get through them all. It's going to take much longer than I anticipated but hey, it's freezing cold outside right now and I'm stuck indoors a whole lot so it's not like I won't be able to find the time. I noticed a common theme in my most recent photos. I've been crafting but haven't been uploading them to flickr or posting too much about them. I think the January/February freezing temperatures make me a bit slow to post and why not I ask?  If it is good enough for the animals to hibernate then it should be equally good for those of us in extremely cold temps to get a bit of extra-slow-down-time, n'est-ce pas?

before felting

Moving along to my pre-felted market tote.   I was working on it way back when and ended up finishing it just before Christmas.  I found the pattern here, it knit up pretty straight forward though I did end up altering the pattern to suit my personal style. 


One of the particular things I didn't like in the pattern was how close the handles looked to each other. It felt like there wasn't going to be enough room to put my arm through the handles and it also just seemed to be out of balance for my eye. After a bit of pattern tweaking it's much better. I left out the stripes this time around but would love to give them a whirl on the next bag. 


Once the bag was all done I added a little chickadee for character. This bag felted like a dream. It came out all thick and with that little bit of mohair in the fibers it had just the right amount of fuzziness. It is definitely a keeper and one of my favorite grab and go bags. 

PS...Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.  I'm aiming to do the draw and the results posted by Friday.  Happy Day everyone :)

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