and the prize goes to...

The draw for the giveaway is complete.  My lovely assistant Miss A picked out a paper and here are the results:




Congratulations Kathi D, please email me with your address so I can get your package out in the post.   I'll be posting pictures of what I sent after Kathi gets her package, that way it can remain a surprise for her.  ::suspenseful::

Thank you everyone who participated.  It was a lot of fun to do a draw during this cold winter season and it's definitely something that will happen again (in the future) so keep checking back.

PS, I'm off to brave the Museum with my kids today.  Send me happy vibes as I'm thinking of leaving the stroller at home and letting the girls be free to walk (read: run) while we are there.  Have a lovely weekend, xoxo.


  1. Hey! That's ME! How cool! I'm e-mailing you my address.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. DOH! I am so dumb sometimes! I collect mail for my SIL who has the house next door but spends the winter in Mexico. When I saw the package from Canada, even though it had MY name on it, I assumed it was something SIL had ordered and sent here because I couldn't think of anything I was expecting from Canada. So the package sat here all this time, until today SIL e-mailed that she was buying something from Ebay and having it sent here, and I said something about the other package, and she e-mailed back, "Huh?" and I opened it and found my wonderful gifts!! Thank you! I hope you don't think I was being an ungrateful wretch for not letting you know I got it before now! Your things are so pretty!!!!


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