self portrait :: still hiding

hiding self

Yeah, that's me and I'm still hiding.  The funk has not completely lifted yet but I'm starting to feel a bit better.   


I spent the day behind the camera doing some photo shoots of the kids.  Between that and spending time in my sons' very sunny room soaking up some rays, life is looking better.

self puppy love.

My amazing 7 year old son took this last picture and that is his shadow in the background. 

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  1. Hi Tamara,
    Just dropped in via the link from your husband Paul's blog. I looked at some of your pictures on Flickr and saw the nice Canon Rebel with a couple of lenses. My wife Sue has also decided to launch off into the delights of digital photography for 2008 and made a similar decision but her choice was an Olympus.
    Good luck with the photography and please keep uplodading your work. I enjoy the way you get in close to the subject matter and also using different angles and perspectives.
    We are in Australia and some of your snow shots look ... well to someone who doesn't get snow they look a exotic and extremely cold.


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