I spent a wee bit of time outdoors yesterday with my camera taking some new photos.  I've been meaning to change my banner for a quite a few weeks now.   Since the snow has arrived everything is blanketed with white.  In some ways it is a beautiful image to photograph, in other ways it makes taking photos very challenging.  Depth and perception get lost in the one color scheme but when it does work it really is lovely.

bird house

I would love to make a postcard out of the next photo.  This purple martin condo occupies our backyard.  Though we have never actually seen a purple martin use the dwelling, we have seen other species.   The bird house is actually too close in proximity to our dwelling to ever entice the purple martin.  Makes for a lovely photo though.

birdie condo

It's been really cold lately but I'm hoping to get outside again this weekend and take in some more of the winter freshness.   Have a good one.   

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  1. That second photo is so amazing! Really beautiful!


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