for the littlest guy

Knit a row, purl a row, change colors mid row, multiples times....ACK!  what was I thinking? 

for the littlest guy in my life

I think I had a weak moment and too many balls of left over yarn.  Needless to say this one has been real interesting to knit up.  I wouldn't describe the work as difficult, rather tedious.  I'm almost finished it so I'll save the "who it is for," for another day.  I sure hope the recipient is grateful, though secretly I'm thinking he really won't give a darn. 

We had some really fabulous weather over the weekend which kept us outdoors a great deal.  It was very wet but oh so wonderful for January.  Today we are back into the swing of regular life.  Our tree is down and most of the Christmas decorations have been packed away.  I have oodles of pictures to sort through from the holidays but right now that seems too daunting a task.  I think I will take things a bit slow for now as I ease out of party mode.  It has been a really lovely holiday season for us but I'm ready to move
on and get back to a bit of a regular schedule, especially my sleep.  Have a lovely day. 

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