one gift down

and many more to go, too bad it wasn't an actual Christmas gift.  Instead it was the birthday gift I mentioned here.  Her birthday is today so it is completed just in time.

gift tote "the steffie" named after my niece's dog

I made the lining out of pillowcase I found on one of my thrifting adventures and added a pocket :)

lining for "the steffie"

A little embroidery goes along way in personalizing this gift.  I found a great little puppy design in my much beloved book "Sublime Stitching"  by Jenny Hart.

a sublime design

The gift is for my niece who has a cute little black and white Shih Tzu dog named "Steffie".

gift tote embroidery all done

While I was busy in my studio over the weekend my wee girlies wanted to try their hand at sewing.  With laces, paper and a big comfy chair they kept them selves very busy and now each day they ask to "sew".  And so it has begun.

starting young my girlies are sewing with laces and paper :)


  1. Sublime stitching is one of my favourite books.
    Just wait they'll be asking for their own sewing machines next.


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