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The J-man wanted to make a Christmas gift for his sisters and decided it was going to be a softie.  This is where I gush and insert "what a wonderful big brother" :o)   I suggested he dig through piles of his art work to make one of his own characters.  He loved the idea and got started by creating a pattern.  He enlarged his original drawing, then traced it onto another sheet of paper for labeling and cutting.

j-man sews

This stage was a first for him, using the machine.

j-man sews

Even my close-up, over-the-shoulder-picture-taking didn't frazzle him.  That boy has nerves of steel.  After whipping off his project on the machine I helped him with clipping curved edges and turning his creation to the right side for stuffing.  We laughed and giggled the time away while we stuffed this little guy to capacity.

j-man sews

Now the pieces were ready for the final step: closure and assembly.   He caught onto slip stitching pretty easily and only managed to prick his finger a couple of times.  What a trouper!

j-man sews

You'll have to wait for the final product as the J-man still needs to attach the legs.  I'll be sure to take photos of it when it is done for more "show and tell".

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