i must be nuts

I am currently washing my clothing with nuts!

bag of nuts

I'm also desperate.  I have eczema and it is currently driving me crazy.  The cold weather change and constant heating of the home is drying me out.  As soon as I put on lotion, my skin sucks it up and is begging for more.  I'm itchy all the time, flaky (no jokes people) and now my little eczema patches are beginning to spread.  Using conventional laundry products is no longer an option.  Last night I did some research on natural products and there are a good number of health & environmental alternatives.  The one I chose which was the most "natural" to me was the soap nut which grows on trees and has a miracle cleaning agent that is all in the shells.

soap nuts

The shell of the berry contains saponin, a natural detergent.  You throw a few of these nuts in a wee little cotton bag and then into the washing machine they go.  Depending on the temperature of your water you can get one, to a few wash loads out of the same nuts.  When you are all done with the nuts they can be thrown in the compost pile.  Very earth friendly.  You can find out more about the soap nut here   

So if being nuts isn't enough, I picked up some dryer balls as well.  They'll be used in place of fabric softener minus the fragrance and itchy additives.


Hopefully this will provide some quick relief for me so that I can get back to more important things like gift crafting...how many days left until Christmas?? 


  1. I meant to comment here earlier today just to say good luck with the skin problems, I hope you'll heal up soon. My Sam has been the one in our family with excema, it's been gone for some time now, but boy did we battle it. I wish I could tell you what worked for us, but everything from rigid dietary restrictions to avoiding detergents to ointments etc. never worked for Sam. It just simply vanished on its own eventually.

  2. I use those dryer balls. They work like a treat, and I don't spend a fortune on dryer sheets. Hope the nuts help.

  3. My wife recently purchased a bag of soapnuts to use for cleaning cloth diapers for our baby girl. They worked better than any other laundry detergent she had tried. She was so impressed that she bought them in bulk & opened up an e-store so that she have a home-based business and still raise our daughter. Her site is http://Stores.HotterThanHealth.com Check it out!


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