strawberries anyone?

savouring a few more of those summer moments, the family went strawberry picking this week...


going picking'

the strawberry picking' limo

my 81 yr old mum on her knees picking' berries #longlife #active

me & the girls pickin' : courtesy of my hubby


~ picked a bunch = 5 gallons; 

~ made 3 strawberry & rhubarb pies, delivering one to my sister whose kitchen is currently undergoing a major renovation; 

~ froze a ton for more strawberry & rhubarb pie because I did not think making 20 pies in one week and eating them all would be such a good idea for my waistline; 

~ will be making some strawberry jam as soon I get to the grocery store and replenish our sugar supply. 

~ and of course... ate a bunch, there is nothing like a fresh strawberry!


  1. oh, me me me, please!!! we ate everything we got from our patch...but i have not had enough yet. fresh jam with milk would be perfect for a breakfast! unfortunately it has been rainy few couple of weeks and temps are around 60-70s.

  2. You hit the nail on the head... fresh jam, milk and fresh bread - what could be sweeter. Our season has ended now, earlier than usual with the heat we've been having. so glad I got to pickin' before it was over.


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