May/June happenings

Now that it is officially July I thought I'd post a few highlights from the past two months instagram style. 

dance recital day!

flowers for the girlies from daddy

Spent the past two days organizing 5 yrs worth of the twins art work...

mushrooms on the path #mushrooms #bikeride

late lunch or early dinner: sole fillet on leafy greens

from the top: 

~ dance recital for the girlies who played the part of orphans singing "it's a hard knock life (Annie)" *ps, they did not dance in the Crocs ;P

~ flowers from daddy for two girlies who did such a great job at their dance recital

~ mass organization of papers around the house, including 5 years of the girls' art work *big job

~ mushrooms along the path of our daily bike ride

~ lunch for me: sole on a bed of lettuce *yum 


  1. what cute little orphans!

  2. my favorite costumes this year! I keep say'n I wanna make lil pants/bloomers for the girls! Nice seeing ya the other day Tamara!

  3. I really did love those costumes! I keep wanting to replicate them as well. We are going to miss you guys so much at dance this coming year!


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