rain, rain go away

is how I am feeling today. I'm chanting up a slew up positive vibes hoping the weather will soon change from the week-long rain we've been experiencing. Thankfully I've just checked the weather for the um-teenth time and it assures me sunny days are on their way. C'mon Mr. Sun my veggie garden needs planting and I'm raring to get my hands dirty.

finally getting somewhere on a really old project

...while the rain is a bit of downer, it's been good for tackling a lingering project.

other uses for #Jenga

...and inspiration: good ol' Jenga would make a great future quilt.

clowns are scary...no way around it!

...all this indoor time calls for some clowning around: cool and scary!


  1. Totally agree with your sentiment...but loving the sun today! :)

  2. umm yeah, that "sunny" forecast was short-lived wasn't it? lol. oh well, here it is on it's way again. let's hope it stays this time.


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