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1st of the season

because we are the slurpee capitol of Canada :)

I am just finishing up my crazy work week. I've been waking at 6:00am everyday and loving it! I just need to get to bed a bit earlier for it to stick long term, 6 hours is not enough sleep for me.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of gardening and partying. We will be celebrating a birthday, pics to follow next week, and it is a long weekend here so mr. duckyhouse will be hanging around an extra day longer to help me with the gardening. Yay!

What are your weekend plans, care to share? Happy Friday, xo


  1. leeandjackie@aol.com22 May 2012 at 11:14

    I think you will like these book marks

  2. Jackie, those bookmarks are so cool. I think I saw them on pinterest once and lost the link. So glad that you sent this info :) I think these would make great stocking stuffer ideas for the girls to make... not that I'm thinking about Christmas or anything ;P


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