socks for stockings


I was trying to figure out what last minute gift I could knit up for my girls for the christmas stockings when I stumbled on a pair of socks that I had already knit.  I was planning on giving them to the girls for Easter way back when, until I realized that they were still a bit too big.  No problem right? Just put them away for a year (or two), forget them and then bring them out in a pinch.  Just don't forget that you still have to knit up another pair, they can't wear only one sock each silly.  

knit, purl

That is exactly how the story goes, I did forget about the socks and when I was rumbling through my yarn bin looking for something to knit during sick-December, voila, there they were.  I still had to knit up a second pair but that was pretty quick and painless.

socks & more socks

They joined the boys knucks on Christmas eve, placed in stockings awaiting the Christmas morning excitement.  The sock yarn details can all be found here.  I think I like knitting up things and forgetting about them, it's a nice surprise. 


  1. when you knit a gift for your kids how do you keep it a secret from them?

  2. great question! and funny enough, when my kids see me working on things, they might ask me what it is and I tell them "socks, mitts, etc..." and usually they leave it there. If they ask who for I just tell them that a knitter never tells her secrets... works for me. When they receive the item, they always recognize the yarn as something I was working on but not knowing for sure (at the time) the element of surprise is still intact. do you have trouble hiding knitting from little ones? if so, how do you manage (or not)

  3. i am not a very big crafter so when i do something j is all over it. he knows all my yarns and fabrics. so there will be no surprise for him. and when i make gifts for others then those must be from us not santa.


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