lets here it for the boys

During the month of December from my sick bed couch, I found myself drawn to the sticks once again for comfort in these very craft-less months.  It’s no easy task being without a studio or creative corner to hide in and with most of my fabric & stuff unavailable, my creative projects are small and portable.


Last winter I had a request from the J-man, for some cool fingerless mitts.  As an avid reader and artist, he likes his fingers readily available for whatever he is working on and fingerless mitts allow him warmth for his hands and flexibility to create.  Call me predictable but what is the point of ever just making one pair, especially when the B-meister is just as busy doing his thing: kicking a ball around the house, playing with lego and all sorts of other (loud) mischief.

I turned to Ravelry, an overflowing wealth of knitting information and patterns, and chose the Knucks pattern, available in multi-sizes.  Don't fret, if you aren't a member of ravelry, the pattern is available free on knitty.  If you are checking out the pattern, I didn’t do the finger embroidery that looks so cool, only because I needed a break after weaving in all those endless threads that came with making fingers.  I may just tackle the mitts away from my boys to add a few “boys rule” silliness...or maybe not.  


I knit them up with one ball of Rowan felted tweed from my LYS.  They are a lovely shade called avacado, (which reminds me I should be eating more of) and do indeed match the B-meister’s winter jacket, although with the cold and snow we get, one could hardly survive outside with fingerless mitts.  None the less, the natural light does make for a lovely picture.


These mitts ended up in the boys stocking for Christmas, just a little something extra from the mumma for two terrific fellas.


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