That's a good word to describe what is taking place here at our
end.  It started with the cool weather that has set in
overnight, literally.   It's sent me rapidly switching out our seasonal clothing and turning the heat on.  Weren't we just wearing summer shorts and skirts a week and a half ago?  Yikes! 


In addition to the "out with the summer and in with the warmer clothing" we also did the unspeakable and took down our beloved
summer room.  Soon our deck and back yard will be filled with heavy
white flakes and that is all too much for our simple sun room to bare. 
And so we say goodnight to it for a season. 

fall soup

With all this winter preparation I've been thinking a lot about
soups.  Is there a better way to welcome the cool fall
days then with a big pot of soup?  A combination of leeks, yams, carrots,
and lentils all went together into a stock pot, simmering into this
delicious 'welcome fall' soup. I added one mystery ingredient for a little extra goodness and let me just say the yum factor was high. I was skeptical at first thinking it might be more than my kidlets could handle but there were no complaints on the kid front.  Bonus!

I'm the marrying kind...

Bring it on fall, we are ready for you. 


  1. I love fall!!! Especially the sweater-wearing weather, but I'm a wierdo!
    SO your soup looks so yummy!!! I adore soup in the fall/winter and just randomly came across this link for 5-ingreedient soups - ALL of which sound delish!
    Check it out girl~ http://is.gd/44UHZ

  2. I love vegetable soup. I make one every night from october until the beginning of spring. I love to add a fennel, it gives it such a nice taste

  3. Cristin,
    Yes fall is lovely and it is fun to switch out to sweaters and stuff, it's the season that follows that makes me very scared.
    The should was really yummy and I will check out that link you posted, never can have too many soup recipes...

  4. Imene,
    You are my hero is you make a soup every night, wow! I am going to try fennel next time, it sounds delicious.

  5. yum. oh tamara, my sisters made a soup last week i wanted to marry. it was a roasted potato, leek, and arugala soup... with creme fraiche. i wish you could have tasted it, it was amazing!

  6. Jen, that soups sounds divine...do you have the recipe??


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