one frogged, one not

blocked and secured

Remember that sweater I yapped about here.  I was planning on frogging the sweater because it seemed to sag in the worst way.  After looking at my options and figuring out time frames, I opted to give it one more chance.  So I washed it, blocked it and then re-evaluated the situation.  Maybe with a little securing and vintage buttons I could fix the issue?  It would take away the option of opening the sweater but in the end that isn't so bad considering the two rambunctious girls that would be wearing them. 


The sweater was secured on the diagonal seams from the inside with yarn and then on the outside (diagonal) seam, buttons were added merely as an eye pleaser, cute and completely non-functional.  As for the green sweater, it was frogged as my original knit up was way too large, I'm not sure what happened.  I mentioned in my earlier post, my first attempt at a re-knit (after frogging) the yarn was too kinky to work with.  I tried steam ironing the yarn but the results were a flat, lifeless, yarn; in the end I soaked it, let it dry and wound the balls for the re-knit.  Second time was a charm in this case, I proceeded to secure the seems and add buttons as I did with the blue sweater. 

baby bamboo redone

The girls have been wearing their sweaters all spring and summer and loving them.  They are so easy to please when you put something new on the shelf, it quickly becomes a favorite and is in constant use. 

much better

It's been awhile since I knit anything and I'm starting to feel the urgings to pick up the needles.  Over the week I've been compiling a list of things I want to make and the sheer size of my list makes me so thankful that knitting is a transportable craft.  At the top of the list is the half-pipe hat, for the hubby whose birthday comes late in the month.  I'd also like to get some knucks done for the boys, a hat, scarf, fingerless mittens set for myself, socks for my mum, socks for ... well you get my drift.  There is always something to keep these hands busy.  How about you?  Do you knit?  and what are you working on?


  1. They are gorgeous - love the edgings!

  2. My new camera just arrived today. Wish you lived closer to give me some pointers! I agonized over whether to get the Canon Rebel EOS T1i or the Nikon D90. I chose the Canon and think I made the right decision.
    Let me know what you think about the external flash.

  3. Hi Jackie! Congratulations on your new purchase. Either camera would work suitably I'm sure. Truthfully I choose the canon when I was buying because it was more affordable. I really wanted a Nikon...but now that I've worked with a Canon I am more than happy with my purchase and will stay a Canon user. Nothing like a little experience to realize that both Canon and Nikon make excellent cameras. I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase. I'll try to keep updating the blog about the whole flash photography as I learn along the way. I recently did evening photos of the J-man's birthday party using my flash http://duckyhouse.typepad.com/duckyhouse/2009/12/parties-and-things.html. I bounced the light off the ceiling in most shots to soften the harshness. It made a huge difference in photo quality. I'm still playing with things like aperture and shutter speed...the whole photography learning thing is endless.


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