plans change

My plans to have items in my etsy shop are put on hold for the time being due to various
explainable reasons that I have photos of yard work: Mr. hubby worked really long and
hard digging out rock, clay & more rock so that we could plant 14 beautiful cedars. It's
been raining long and hard here for the past couple of weeks and a "dry" day is an outdoor work day for all of us and you guessed it, it was dry all weekend. I walked up the path today and already the cedars are so fragrant. It's a shame I didn't get a photo of them in place, but they look lovely.


sprinkler fun: what happens when you put 4 kids on a 14 foot trampoline on a hot day with a sprinker underneath.


distractions: that come when you need a new ironing board cover and have an excess of vintage sheets on hand that match the color of the room you create in. Funky isn't it?


Finally, I'm not sure that the items I'm working will even get a chance to get into my shop opening as these ones may be spoken for already. But stay tuned as things do have a way of changing quickly around here, like my banner. Another celebration of summer.
Studio time: You never know where you might find me next.


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  1. I remember spending many summers on our trampoline and under the sprinkler, but never together.


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