long overdue wip's

I finished these up a couple of weeks ago but just didn't get the time to take pictures or yap about them :)

Blue_tieup_dress_2 Red_tieup_dress

The fabric is from this post I was discussing a while back. The pattern is a camisole top from this Japanese craft book that I keep going back to, ahh...so comfortable.


I did end up altering the pattern a wee bit to allow the straps to be tied.  I thought that would be more suitable for girls of differing body types/ages.  Miss A & Miss J were reluctant to model them for me, but in the end I won them over with the flowers.  Girls after my own heart.


Blue_red_tieup_dress_2_3 Blue_red_tie_up_dress_4

They are now officially in my etsy shop. You can head over there for some more detailed pictures. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Those are so adorable! I have a japanese craft book of childrens clothes that I've been itching to try out. Though honestly, I'd like a top like that for myself!

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW BIG/OLD THE GIRL ARE!!!!!! holy mackral. john and paul have been talking about a visit, is that cool with you? i miss you guys so much, you have no idea. i *may* have a client due at the end of july, maybe august? i heard the mosquitos are the size of birds right now... :)


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