hi and welcome here - my name is Tamara.

as long as i can remember i have been making things,
my childhood medium involved lots of paper, tape & glue. 

once i discovered fabric, my medium quickly changed to sewing.
i’ve been at it ever since.
other things i love to dabble in include knitting, drawing, painting, gardening, photography & sourdough bread baking

if you are lucky, you may see some of those things in this space.
on the other hand, 
if you don't see me here for a bit
i'm most likely busy with my 4 rapidly growing kids 
as we home educate our way through life 
i’m working with the hubby on the on-going 
transformation of the ‘ducky house’ - our home.

if you have any questions or simply want to say 'hi'
please feel free to visit the contact page for my email 
i’ll do my best to get back to you.

thanks for dropping by! 

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