Hello blog. How are you? I've been thinking about visiting you lately and dusting off the keyboard in an attempt to write out a post. It's been 4 1/2 years since my last update and life has been rolling along at break-neck speed. Somedays I feel as though I've been hanging on to a life preserver and other days I've found myself drowning in all the change. 

I suppose it is good to recognize when you don't like change, my hand is raised at the moment. It's not a place I thrive in. I don't like reinvention. I'm not a great at it. I mostly just want to live a quiet simple life, with days blending into one another and a predictability that comes from all things stable and calm. 

Maybe that's why the idea of blogging never fully leaves me. It represents a time in my life when things felt really good. When I could count on my days being mostly the same and creativity thrived, however these past few years I have felt very challenged in the latter. Change will do that and when I feel challenged by my circumstances I can get pretty quiet. Like hold-all-my-cards so tightly against my chest that I forget that I have to still play the game. It's not a good scenario all around.

So, blogging may just be the thing needed. A requirement of sorts to show up. To write and create and at the very least it will give me a chance to clean up this space a bit. When I moved it from typepad to a free blog hosting, the formatting went wildly wacky. I'm not even sure if blogger is adequate, but for now it will have to do.

I think I'd like to keep things pretty simple here, posts will be projects I'm currently working on, maybe some cool things I'm cooking up in the kitchen, creative stuff like that. The days of posting about my kids & homeschooling are behind me as they are onto the next chapter in their own lives. You'll have to be satisfied with photos of my four-legged furry kids. They are the companions that stick to me like glue these days. Oh and I have no idea how often a post will happen as I'm terribly out of practice with blogging skills - photography & writing posts, etc. But I do want a place to catalogue my creative endeavours and maybe one day find a small community of creatives who are doing the same. In the meantime, I may be the only one reading my own posts, and that is fine too. But let's give this thing a roll shall we?!  

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