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A house of sickies means the only  homeschooling going on around here is reading #homeschooling #reading #inkdeath #winterbegone

Are you in the midst of endless winter like we are? Argh! I really don't mind winter and having grown up in the Canadian Prairies I'm a big season fan, but this winter is trying my patience. *so. much. cold. so. much. snow.* Proof you say? Well here is my son who is 5'9" shovelling snow at the back door. It's getting hard to know what to do with the white stuff.

Out my back door. We gave up clearing the patio last month. The snow has been relentless and we aren't sure where to put it as the hills are almost bigger than us. That's my son who is 5'9". We ca no longer see the lake from our back door. #winterbegone

It hasn't helped that our crew is sick yet again. Hence my absence from the computer. We are taking it all in stride and doing our best to keep our spirits up. Even if that means mid day basking in the sun from the indoors. For a brief moment it gives me the illusion that everything is green and growing outside. Yes I'm a dreamer.

Selfie with son number 2. Lately we've all been hanging out in my sunny bedroom soaking in the afternoon rays. It's the perfect reading spot. #sunshine #dreamingofwarmerdays #winteryoucanleavenow


  1. this is the winter that killed my soul. sigh.
    beautiful knits! and children! ;)

  2. no kidding... I totally feel your pain about this winter.


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