summer summary

Hello there, it's been awhile hasn't it? I mean - July to November - now that's just way too long for an update! So what on earth could have taken me away from this space all this time?? Life. I've embraced it and I've been busy in the thick of it, much like many of you I suppose (& to those that are able to keep up blogging along the way kudos to you).

As for me, my mojo for internet ramblings have up and left me right now, as have my crafty endeavors. I'm not fretting too much as I know things are cyclical. Overall I think I am more distressed that my craftyness is on the fritz as it is usually a huge energy booster for me. And couldn't we all use an extra boost of energy in our days? 

But lets not focus on that, I'm here today and I have a wee bit o' an update for ya. Our happenings were normal fodder for a family of 6 during the summer: 


future Harley club: enjoying our evening ride with friends


bug juice: hoping this is more than just salad dressing for the white cabbage butterfly.

on the drive home

Chilling out @KP pool #lastdaysofsummer #hotoutside

fire pit season

Baked apple - now must go for bike ride to work off #calories

It's a hot one today!


~ bike riding continued on through the whole summer as a family 

~ and sometimes friends joined us

~ had a fight with the white cabbage butterfly and made decoys...

~ and bug juice - more likely salad dressing because I lost the fight and have no garden kale to speak of :( 

~ saw the local sights

~ hung out together at the pool

~ and by the fire

~ we baked apples

~ and then we baked  in the late summer heat

~ harvested vegetables and savoured their lovely taste and wished that the garden was bigger and the growing season was longer

So there we have it, all caught up with July & August for the most part. Watch for September's highlights, I promise it won't take 4 more months, lol.


  1. Hey there, it's funny we seem to run on similar cycles. I'm trying to clean up my blog rt now after a 2 yr. absence. Haven't made much really especially since we moved, but on the other hand I've been painting a lot of walls and improving my plastering skills so maybe I've just changed my medium.
    It's comforting to know that you are still out there :). The kids are getting so big.

  2. Hi Simone :)
    So nice to hear from you and congratulations on your move. You know we moved over 4 years ago and I had all these grand plans that I would blog about our renovation process but to tell you the truth at the end of the day it was exhausting. A lot of creativity goes into make house changes when you are doing the work yourself and sometimes you don't have anything else left over for blogging. I can totally understand you not being able to keep up with crafting/blogging.
    I know, my kids are growing up so quickly :( kinda sad watching the years go by.


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