off, in all senses of the word...

As I write this post I am thinking that it would be lovely to tell you that my absence has been due to mr. duckyhouse whisking me away for a week long adventure to some far off exotic land. Alas, it is not true. Instead I have falling off the blogosphere radar for family doings and general unwellness.

Mr. duckyhouse's parents arrived a couple of weeks ago for a surprise visit and left yesterday to return to their homestead. It was nice to visit and break from our daily routine. We enjoyed extended family time, visits and eating out for Easter - oh boy, it was nice not to cook a big meal this time around - thank you mom & dad, xoxo.


The girlies took a while to get over their spring colds but not without sharing with me first. I was dragging my feet all last week but with a little help from vitamin D, I'm feeling back to normal.

Mr. duckyhouse was away on business for a few days, he headed off to the east coast for a conference that lucky bugger. He wanted me to join him, but I'm still stuck on the logistics of travelling and leaving kids behind. One day...

Birthday boy     Benjamin

My beloved B-meister, Benjamin, turned 11 and we had his customary birthday party over the weekend with some crazy weather to match, it snowed again. Thankfully it is all melted and I hope I won't have to type the word snow again until November. His outdoor soccer season just started as well and that looks to keep us hopping a few evenings a week (or maybe that will be a dad/son deal).

Birthday's and such make me realize things are spinning fast and the kids are growing up too quickly for my liking. I can't spend a lot of time thinking about it or it does a number on me. Life is all about moving forward and embracing the stages and I especially need to remember that this week as I feel a bit in a funk. Rationally I know it isn't real, I always tend to feel a bit off during/after being sick, it will pass as it always does but sometimes it really does kick me down.

Birthday boy.

Thankfully I believe in being gentle with myself, loving myself at all stages - all moods. I believe life is what you make it and when you can't make your day into anything special, that is when being gentle with yourself really helps. For me that means not getting much done beyond being with the kids, some stretching & exercise, reading and lots of hot baths. If you're wondering where I've been, that pretty much sums it up. I'm embracing my week of non-productivity and I write in optimism that the ol' funk will lift. Thanks for listening, even if you don't understand, it helps. Be back with a fresh perspective soon. xoxo


  1. I completely understand days/weeks like you just described. Being gentle with yourself and reminding yourself of things you have to be grateful of are certainly in order. Feel well:)

  2. I remember those feelings. I think once the kids hit 'double digits' there is a change. I remember an acquaintance in the supermarket told me that once they are in school the years fly by, and it was all I could do to not burst out crying. I don't have any sage advice, only to do what you already do - enjoy every minute with them. Oh, and I never left my kids for overnight. ;<) There are a couple bloggers you might enjoy connecting with:

  3. thank you Nan, I think it is so helpful knowing that I am not alone, many women (all?) have walked this walk and have survived and we share in our feelings of the pain of it all. This too shall pass, right? It's an inevitable part of life ~ change ~ as discomforting as it is.
    I have enjoyed the blog links that you provided and have "favourited" them. Support in numbers :)


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