happy be-lated fall & halloween


Ready for a little show and tell? I finally sat down at my computer for an extended camera dump & edit of photos.  My main motivation was the rumor that snow is threatening (dismal looking clouds in the sky) which makes taking exterior photos of green things & gardens difficult.  


Smarter girls would have snapped shots of the house during the beautiful warm months when the flowers & trees were in their prime. But I've been too busy fixing things to be smart. 

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I mentioned here that we were doing a little updating on the outside of the house. You know: scraping, painting, building, gardening, etc.   Yeah, there was a whole lot of all the aforementioned.  

mr handyman

The original exterior was in pretty bad cosmetic shape.  The paint was chipping and peeling not to mention an undesirable shade of sticky-note yellow.  There were rotting boards and pillars in need of replacing and the front garden was disastrously placed with dead foliage, heaps of decorative rocks mixed with weeds and grass overgrowth.   

patching & priming

Knowing all that needed to be done, we set about the task: we scraped & sanded, patched & primed, built & painted, dug up and re-built our way to a new digs, complete with new fixtures, decor & my obsessive need for a burnt orange front door! Our original plan was to tackle the outside of the house a few more years down the road but things weren't going to last that long.

too high for me

Side note: One of our goals working on our 30+ yr. old home has been to provide it with some character (read: cozy) using colour & landscaping, to soften the linear lines & draw ones eyes away from the front load garage - something I'm hoping we have achieved. (And yes, I realized the roof has to go...but that will have to wait a bit longer).  

From old:

{photo retrieved from realtor's website}

to new:



front door


sit awhile

yes, much cozier. Ready for your visit...come on by


  1. What a difference, it looks so nice! I love the colour you chose for the siding..and the mulch lanscaping looks great too. I'll bring the cookies and coffee!

  2. It is SO beautiful. I love the color scheme.

  3. Love the "new" house! What a difference some colour can make... i painte dour garage doors and front door this fall and I love it!
    I have a question for you - did you in the past write a post about switching from a PC to a Mac computer? For some reason, I have that idea in my head and can't find it in your archives. I am thinking of switching over and have some uncertainties about how I will like the iMac compared to a PC... Do you have any thoughts you would like to share?

  4. looks like a big, cozy house..i can see you and your significant other sitting there on the terrace..drinking your moring cup of coffee..really nice:)

  5. Oh thanks Andrea and please do bring the cookies, I'll provide the coffee :)

  6. Thanks Rose. I did write a little post on switching from a pc to a mac. It's in my archives somewhere. Try anywhere from March 2010 to May 2010. Switching to a Mac is a bit of an adjustment and at first I wasn't feeling the mac love, but in retrospect it was a very good decision for me. I find mac way more stable, it never crashes and it handles graphics generally without any problem. There is a learning curve but overall I have found it worth it as everything on the mac takes less steps. It takes awhile to get to that point. I hope this helps (even though it comes very late). did you make the switch? We plan on switching out the remaining computers in our home (over time)


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