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You'll have to excuse my blogging absence.  Conditions aren't ideal for me right now to give much time to blogging so I will continue with photo blogging (and few words) in the interim. 

The move has been an all encompassing journey for us and while I would love to say that I am mostly unpacked and now knitting by the lovely fireplace, that just isn't the case.  There hasn't been a whole lot of progress in any direction since we moved in and with boxes everywhere and construction still to take place in important areas (I still don't have a kitchen) things feel, well, uninspiring.  Oh I still love the home but the chaos I do not.  What is taking everything so long you ask??  Well unfortunately my hubby has been extremely busy working 80 hours for the past couple of months.  He has only two more weeks to go before this crazy schedule ends and that can't happen soon enough.  In a word (or two) I miss him.  I really miss him.  Today we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and I am all choked up because I know I will be spending another day without seeing him.   Up until last weekend I've managed to keep perspective about this season of our lives, but when it was far too evident that this mumma was really starting to become unglued, the hubby took a couple of  hours off at the request (desperation) of the kids (and me) to join us at the beach on a warm summer evening.


We had a great time reconnecting as a family for a few short hours.  It was just the kind of break we all needed.  Away.  Together.  Outside.  Relaxing.  Even sleeping.   Is it just me or does it looks like he is smiling?


Happy Anniversary Paul, I'm looking forward to a bit more normal time with you.

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