Life is so fragile.  I was reminded of that yesterday.   Like water being poured out of it's container, it is so easy to be here today and gone tomorrow.

I was out running an errand with my children in tow when my son B exclaimed that he wasn't feeling well. This does happen on occasion and so we have become very good at "passing the bag" in case one feels a need to use it. What I didn't expect was the terror I felt in my heart when he cried out next that he couldn't move his hands or fingers. I haven't felt so scared and vulnerable in a long, long time. I pulled into a parking lot and quickly accessed the situation; I was now driving and heading in the direction of the children's hospital. I sent my mum, who was with me at the time, to the back of the van to rub his fingers to start them moving again. 
As it happens, by the time we were in the hospital vicinity, things rapidly improved and B was starting to feel much better and the feeling was completely back in his hands. I called my husband and together we decided that I would head home instead of going to sit in the ER for 5 + hours while the symptoms abate. I rationalized that B would rest much better at home and if this happened again I would call 911 and that way he would be seen immediately. Well, we didn't need to call emergency and after a wee lie down on the couch B was fine. I'm sure I will still put a call into his doctor to explain the situation and seek advice.

Though our bodies are fragile at times, I am grateful that B is a strong, beautiful, healthy child.  I am grateful that he is here with me today. 


  1. What a frightening experience! I'm happy to hear that he is okay.

  2. How terrifying. Hope he is much better now.


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